WebSite Training Begins

September 18, 2010

Training began today on the new website.  Six eager members learned how to ‘drive’ from the Website’s ‘Dashboard’.

They spent Saturday morning (10-12 noon) learning the basics of this website for First Presbyterian Church. The website is capable of hosting ‘Blogs,’ Forums, a calendar, and becoming a resource for information and communication.

Deb Vanderkooi and Jordan Stegenga take notes and learn.

Jordan Stegenga, Deb Vanderkooi, Becky Sehr and Pastor Terry listen as Dan DeBlock introduces them WordPress 'dashboard.'

The new website uses information from the old website in an easier to use format.  New postings and information can be added quickly. Dozens of Training Lessons are also available on line.  Volunteers can learn as they go.

Thanks Pastor Terry, Deb Vanderkooi, Becky Sehr, Jordan Stegenga, and Dan Leininger for coming out.

Dan DeBlock, the website builder, taught the sessions.  The Evangelism Committee, Chaired by Todd Wessels, is providing leadership for the development of this on-line resource.

CHECK BACK and watch us G-R-O-W!


September 18, 2010

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