“VISITOR” Newsletter Team Work late into Night!

January 30, 2011

Pat Mann, Visitor Editor, readies another stack of pages from the printer as Jerold gets address labels ready.

Editor, Pat Mann, worked so fast that her image blurs in the photo below.  (Actually, she moved to avoid the camera, but we printed the shot anyway). Jerold Mann affixes labels, and he will soon chauffeur the late-night collating crew of Elaine Hamann and Betty Mann to begin the final phase.  The team’s motto seems to be, Many hands make light work.

Last Thursday evening the lights burned bright as the “Visitor” crew again did their monthly-magic to make this eight pages of newsletter from First Presbyterian Church show up at your mailbox.

Pat says: “We have readers from all over, some aren’t members of First Presbyterian who appreciate the articles and info in the Visitor.”

Harold Mann puts on Address Labels for this month's "Visitor"

Thanks to Pat and the whole “Visitor” team, as well as, the many contributors who provide monthly news and timely information to our church family and community.  Bravo!

Sermons for February 2011

January 28, 2011

During February, Pastor Terry Morse will preach on these themes and texts:

Feb 6:        “Our Part”

based on Matthew 5:13-20;

Celebrating the sacrament of Holy Communion

Feb 13:      “Our Word”

based on Matthew 5:21-37

Feb 20:      “The Blessed Ones”

based on Matthew 5:1-12

Feb 27:      “The Healthy Eye”

based on Matthew 6:22-23


January 28, 2011

The Deacons would like to remind everyone that if you need a ride to church from HEARTLAND EXPRESS, we will pay the bill.

All you need to do is to call and tell them you are from the Presbyterian Church.  Rides can be CANCELLED Sunday mornings before 7:30 by leaving a message on the Heartland answering machine.


January 28, 2011

With the COLD weather upon us, VALET PARKING is once again available!

To use it pull up in the drive  at the WEST door.  Someone will gladly park your vehicle and retrieve it for you.

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