Church Celebrates 40th with Pastor Terry

July 31, 2011

First Presbyterian Church of Luverne hosted a congregational celebration of Pastor Terry Morse’s 40th year as an ordained minister.

As they entered the people were greeted warmly by the Morse’s adult children: Eric & Blair Morse & James & Alyssa Bond, who arrived early in the week for a family gathering and the Sunday festivities.

The Sunday morning worship celebration was full of wonderful singing, anthems, trios, solos, trumpet tones, and congregational singing from a house full of voices.

After the 9:30 Worship Service the people gathered in the  Fellowship Hall for a 10:45 catered Brunch.

First Presbyterian Church is one of four congregations that Pastor Terry Morse has served in his 40 years as an ordained Presbyterian minister.  Greetings and fond memories were shared from his previous churches in NY, NJ and PA.

Pastor Terry, we congratulate you and join in celebrating this 40 year mile-marker in your pastoral ministry.

Thanks to all who have participated in the planning, preparation and hosting for this event including Deb VanderKooi, chair the Worship and Celebration Committees, Colleen Cragoe at the organ, Deb VanderKooi and Jolene Wessels at the piano.

Below are photos from the morning worship. (Photos of fellowship brunch will follow this week.)



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