Daniel A. Voigt Ordained

September 2, 2011

Rev. Dan Voigt, newly ordained, gowned, and blessed for ministry, offers the parting word of Benediction to the congregation.

On Sunday, August 28th, a Service of Ordination was conducted for Daniel A. Voigt at the First Presbyterian Church of Luverne, Minnesota.  The service was led by Connie Seltz, Moderator of the Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys. Judy Crain, Elder of the United Trinity Church of Hamburg, Iowa, where Dan will minister, gave the Call to Worship.

Dan grew up in this congregation, and his proud parents, Phil and Louella Voigt, both Elders in the congregation, offered the Prayer of illumination and the Scripture Readings.

The Sermon was given by the Rev. Dr. Ted Faszer, uncle of the candidate.  He shared that Dan’s ordination marks the third generation of ministers since his Grandfather Isadore Faszer’s ordination.  Uncle Ted also paraphrased the 2 Timothy 1:1-12 passage replacing “my beloved son” with “my beloved nephew.”

Rev. Dan Voigt (rt.) with Rev. Burton and Dorothy Blair (lt.), who served the congregation during Dan's younger years.

Rev. Dr. Terry Morse, pastor of the the home congregation, offered the Charge to the Candidate.  He encouraged Dan to challenge the congregation to ‘live by faith’ rather than selling a ‘watered down gospel’ of  “church-lite” (20% less commitments, 8minute sermons, 40 minute worship, and 8 Commandments). Lifting up the words of the Shema Yisrael, he challenged Dan to teach God’s People to be “little-Christs” by being a “little-Christ’ himself.

Blair Voigt, wife of the candidate, sang, “To The Only God” as the Offertory accompanying herself on the piano.  

The United Trinity Church is Dan Voigt’s first call.  He will serve as solo pastor and be received into the Missouri River Valley Presbytery

Dan Voigt visits with Bill and Gayle Stegemann at the reception. Dan grew up with their daughter Sara, who will be ordained here at First Presbyterian Church of Luverne in October.

“God’s rich Blessings be with you,

Dan and Blair

as you begin this

new ministry partnership together. 

Our thoughts and prayers go with you.”

~ Your Family of God at  Luverne Presbyterian Church. ~

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