Jo Rober ~ “Great-Grandmother Update” ~ Summer Edition

July 31, 2012

Jo Rober with her 2 great Granddaughters. Zilya and Peyton (with bow) spent time together this summer.

February 18, 2012 – Jo Rober, 97, holds her great-granddaughter, ‘Zilya’ (1 day-old)

Jo Rober, 97, has her arms full of great granddaughters.  This picture taken on her recent visit to the Twin Cities shows Zylia and Peyton (with bow) in a lap full of answered prayers.

 “Zilya” (left) was born on Feb 17th.  The happy parents are Jo’s grandson, Kyle, and his wife, Katya. 

They live about 6 blocks from Leah and Mike, parents of “Peyton” (right), who has had lots of prayers from folks here at FPC Luverne through her six months of medical struggles

In Josephine Rober’s years in education and one-room schools, she was teacher-mom-special-person to many school children throughout Rock County, MN. Many of those school children are now grandparents and great-grandparents themselves.

Jo often spends part of the winters with her family in the Twin Cities.  Now she will get many precious moments of ‘baby-holding’ and good family time.

Jo has returned with us here in Luverne   Our prayers are with you and your precious family.


Thank You ~ for SALAD LUNCHEON

July 25, 2012

On behalf of the Salad Luncheon we’d like to thank everyone who furnished salads, worked or donated money. Also, thanks to all those who joined us for lunch. Without all your support this would not have been such a success. We are so lucky to have had some men that were so helpful with the cleanup – thank you guys. Maybe some even made salads! If there are any of you who might want to donate, we’d welcome any additional funds. Our total receipts were $1,408.00, expenses were $150.28, giving us a net of $1,257.72. Monies will be divided between Helping Hand Pregnancy Center of Worthington, MN, the 2013 camp scholarships and our Deacons Fund.

Our Thanks,

Colleen Cragoe and Gloria Rust

Salad Luncheon Co-Chairs

Prayers of Sympathy and Comfort

July 20, 2012

Our Christian love and sincere sympathy goes to the family and friends of the following:

  • Our sympathy is extended to the family of Lowell Wessels, Todd and Brenda Wessels, Scott and Michelle Wessels and Brian and Kim Schoneman and the many family members in the death of Jolene Wessels. The funeral service for Jolene was Monday, July 16 in our sanctuary.

NEED a Ride to Church?

July 15, 2012

Rides to Church

Heartland Express serves Luverne and Rock County.

The Deacons would like to remind everyone that if you need a ride to church from the Heartland Express (click here), we will take care of the bill. All you need to do is call them (at (507) 283-5058) and then tell them you are from the Presbyterian Church. Rides can be cancelled Sunday mornings before 7:30 a.m. by leaving a message on Heartland answering machine.


Grocery Voucher Program

July 15, 2012

Church members can buy grocery vouchers from the Senior Highs and use them as cash at Glen’s grocery store. You can buy vouchers in $5, $10, or $20 amounts.

When you go to the store give these to the cashier in place of cash. 5% of the money you spend will come back to the church. This will be used by the Senior High Fellowship for their Mission Trip. The Senior Highs will have the vouchers available before and after worship on Sunday mornings.

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