Jo Rober ~ “Great-Grandmother Update” ~ Summer Edition

July 31, 2012

Jo Rober with her 2 great Granddaughters. Zilya and Peyton (with bow) spent time together this summer.

February 18, 2012 – Jo Rober, 97, holds her great-granddaughter, ‘Zilya’ (1 day-old)

Jo Rober, 97, has her arms full of great granddaughters.  This picture taken on her recent visit to the Twin Cities shows Zylia and Peyton (with bow) in a lap full of answered prayers.

 “Zilya” (left) was born on Feb 17th.  The happy parents are Jo’s grandson, Kyle, and his wife, Katya. 

They live about 6 blocks from Leah and Mike, parents of “Peyton” (right), who has had lots of prayers from folks here at FPC Luverne through her six months of medical struggles

In Josephine Rober’s years in education and one-room schools, she was teacher-mom-special-person to many school children throughout Rock County, MN. Many of those school children are now grandparents and great-grandparents themselves.

Jo often spends part of the winters with her family in the Twin Cities.  Now she will get many precious moments of ‘baby-holding’ and good family time.

Jo has returned with us here in Luverne   Our prayers are with you and your precious family.



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