“Preparing for a New Pastor”

August 10, 2012

Dear Friends:

As you prepare to welcome a new pastor to the congregation I would like to pass a few words on. I know it is still in the future, but the time is coming. It is sometimes hard for a new pastor to establish relationships. It is important that he/she be given a good chance for that to happen.

Pastor Terry Morse and Martha Morse

I want you to know that Martha and I love you all. But after August 31, 2012, I am not to perform pastoral services for you. It is important that the new leadership of the congregation be given an opportunity to establish good friendships and relationships. That can best happen if your “former” pastor steps aside for a while. That does not mean that I love you any less, but that I love you all enough so that you can go forward.

I know you will be a loyal supporter of my successor. Love that new pastor as much as you have loved Martha and me. That will be the best affirmation of my ministry with you and show that it was healthy, strong and enduring.

For the last seven and one half years, it has been my constant prayer that my ministry here would deepen your commitment to Jesus Christ, his church and his mission, and your continued loyal support to this congregation will be the best tribute you can give to Martha and me and our ministry here.

With love,

Pastor Terry Morse


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