THANKS ~ Pastor Terry Morse

September 1, 2012

Dear Friends:

What a wonderful day Sunday was! I am most grateful to you, a loving and caring congregation. The Coffee Fellowship was just perfect. All the amazing cards, gifts, and notes will stay with me for a long time.

The First Presbyterian Church of Luverne family will always be an important part of my family. I was truly surprised to have our son Eric and daughter Alyssa fly in for the celebration. While I was sorry that their families could not join them in the trip, it was unique to have just the four of us together again. They both came at great sacrifice and with much love.

Martha and I have loved our time here in Luverne and it is home to us now. We will look forward to running into you from time to time on a friendship basis. The change from Pastor to friend is relatively easy for me. I pray that it will be for you all as well.

I would like to personally thank every one on the staff (especially the Rev. Dr. Dan Leininger), the Session, the Board of Deacons, the Youth leaders, the Christian Education leaders and teachers (youth club and Sunday school), the music leaders and providers and the choirs, all the committee people and every member of the congregation. I desire to thank all of you by name, but I am afraid that I might miss an important name. Luverne is an exceptional community and Martha and I thank God that our Lord has leaded us to this exceptional community and Church.

We are excited about our trip to Amtrak to Glacier and Seattle that we will begin on September 11, 2012. You made this possible with the 40th year of ordination party and gift. We will think of you all as we enjoy the wonders of God’s breathtaking creation.

It is obvious that our Lord has magnificent things ahead for the First Presbyterian Church of Luverne and I pray that our God will bless each one of you in your future. Our God does fantastic things in our lives and the life of our community and world. Let us “let go of the branch” and trust our God. God will provide and bless now and forever.

With love and appreciation,

Pastor Terry Morse



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