SAM Wessels (age 10) Meets PRESIDENT OBAMA

September 6, 2012

Sam Wessels speaks in to the ear of President Barak Omama as the Prssident bends down to hear Sam’s message in behalf of all people with Autism. (Photo by Lin Wessels)

Sam Wessels (grandson of Joyce and Norman Wessels of FPC, Luverne, MN),  spoke to President Barack Obama on Saturday in Sioux City, Iowa.

The lives of Sam’s parents, Lin and Mark Wessels, were forever changed when Sam was born 10 years ago. As new parents they faced the usual challenges, but in Sam’s second year a pattern of autism to emerge. They began educating themselves and Sam about coping with his gifts and challenges.  Now in recent years, they are learning to campaign to effect change on behalf of all families affected by autism.

The article link below “SAM – Advocating in America for Autism” shares Lin’s account of the people and elected leaders that Sam has met across the USA.

Lin describes the unlikely events that led up to Sam’s Presidential conversation days ago and the moment the President offered a ‘listening ear’ to a 10 year old American:

Once he reached us, I instructed Sam, “Tell the president what you have to say.” Sam began to speak. There were a lot of people. It was busy. It was loud. The president leaned closer, completely engaged in what Sam had to say to him. To say I was impressed in his sincerity in hearing Sam’s message would not serve the moment due justice. I was in absolute awe at the amount of time he spent with this one child. Sam told his president his name and age.

Sam Wessels meets and greets President Barak Obama in Sioux city on Saturday.

He made sure President Obama knew he was honored to meet him. He then asked President Obama if he would  please join him in standing up for people with autism. He further explained that he himself stands up for people with autism because he has autism, and although he is able to speak for himself, too many people with autism are not and someone needs to stand up for them as well. The President’s reply? “Sam, I will gladly stand up with you for people with autism. As a matter of fact, I had already planned to stand up for those who have autism. Autism is an enormous issue and I have a plan.” He thanked Sam for his courage in standing up for something he cares about as well as for taking the time to come and see him in person to deliver his message face to face.

For more on this event and Sam’s efforts on behalf of others, read Lin’s article below:

CLICK HERE for – SAM-Advocating in America for Autism

Our congratulations and prayers go out

  • To Sam Wessels in his “stand-up” efforts.
  • To Lin and Mark Wessels for love they give their couragous son.
  • To all the families of children and adults affected by Autism.

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