Pastor Nominating Committee — February Update

February 2, 2013

Greetings from your Pastor Nominating Committee,

Some may think that 2013 is going to be a bad year because it ends in ‘13’. That really is unfortunate because each day presents so many positive possibilities to each of us. I’m certainly not pessimistic about 2013. Quite the contrary!

Your Pastor Nominating Committee has prepared diligently for 2013. We are convinced that we will complete the search process and hire a new ‘head-of-staff’ for First Presbyterian Church. This is an exciting time.

We have processed approximately 88 Pastor Information Forms (PIF) since our first batch was received in the middle of November. It has been a busy couple of months and I would
like to say thank you to all of the committee members who have so diligently given of their time and energy to get us to this point. You have a great group of Christians working on
this project for you.

I look at this search process as four phases. FPC-Luv-Cross-bklite

  1. The first is organizing the committee and preparing a game plan for reading and processing the PIFs. This includes the writing of our Church Information Form (CIF) and getting it loaded on the Presbyterian Church (USA) website.
  2. The second is ordering the PIFs and determining if they are a candidate that we are
    interested in visiting with.
  3. Third is making contact with the best candidates and ultimately selecting the best candidate.
  4. The fourth and final phase is the offer to hire, the move and the introduction of our new Teaching Elder to you.

I believe that we are quickly approaching the third phase. We are not done by any means but we have made significant progress. If you have a chance, thank a committee member
for what they are doing. We all are as anxious as you are to meet our new Teaching Elder.

Blessing to you and thank you for your prayers,

Your Pastor Nominating Committee,
Terrie Gulden (Chair), Dan Iveland (Vice Chair),
Becky Eeten (Secretary), Katie Eeten,  Ann Robinson,  Amanda Van Maanen,  Erin Sandstede,  Phil Voigt, Todd Wessels, Kathy Knips (Committee on Ministry Liaison)


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