The designer can help you to do the layout of the book. The designer can also give you valuable opinions and suggestions on the printing methods of the book.

The idea here is that you will be able to make the book more personalized. There are unlimited options when it comes to the design of the book. You can choose the main color theme of it. If you do not want to make it storybook, you can certainly discuss it with the designer so that you can create a wedding album that matches your style and taste.

When you go for this option, you do not need to print the photos and mount them on the album or book. Instead, you will need to get a professional printer to help you to publish the whole book. There are a lot of such printers in the marker. Of course, your designer can also help you to arrange the printing of the book.

It will be a better idea for you to go to this new option. You should note that you cannot preview the book if you go for the traditional option. However, if you go for the more advanced option of the wedding album, you can preview the outcome on the computer before you print it out. To this end, you can make sure that you will like the final output before it is printed

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