What Is Unique in San Francisco? 3 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions to Visit 

Over 25 million people visit San Francisco, California every year to enjoy all the city has to offer. Astounding, right?

Without a doubt, San Francisco is a city to behold. Beautiful views, diverse cultures and fascinating artistic architectural structures offer mind blowing sites for sightseers to feast their eyes on.

And being the diverse urban setting it is, the city offers so much for you as a tourist that it will be a huge mistake to stop at one place only.

I bet you want to find out.

Keep reading for three best places you should visit in San Francisco.

  1. Experience Breathtaking Views at the Golden Gate Bridge

Technical masterpiece of 4,200ft long, the Golden Gate Bridge baffles thousands of travelers. As the second- longest suspended bridge in the United States, it has attracted the overwhelming fame of San Francisco city. Its architectural design, consisting of two magnificent Art Deco Towers, about 250m tall, adds a captivating view, with its fine finish of orange-red color peeking through low lying clouds.

It is fascinating to view the bridge at night since the lighting makes some sections of the towers seem like they are dissolving in the darkness. In the morning also, the bridge is usually crowded with mist, providing a sight to awe at.

  1. Take a Boat or a Ferry to Alcatraz Island

What better way to preserve history than having it an attraction in the place it all happened? Alcatraz Island is a place bloated with history. It is home to an infamous penitentiary of one of America’s hardcore criminals. History has it that none of its prisoners managed to escape from the island prison. Prisoners would stay indoors 16-23 hours daily.

  1. Check Out the Cable Car Museum

Located at 1201 Mason Street, the museum displays the ingenuity of the San Francisco people in designing safe travel through the unforgiving steep slopes in the city. You will be able to have a glance at the cables and engines that pull the cable cars.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to San Francisco is surely a great thing to do, but the 3 things above are even greater. The places and services are unique in their own way.